Nepal — Tibetan Meditation and Dzogchen teaching series by Jikdrel Rinpoche in Marathika

25 Февраля 2023 года
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Travel Thread: Kathmandu — Buddhnath — Shamanic Centre — Namo Buddha — Dulikhell — Marathika, Mandarawa, Nagas and other caves — Parping  — Swayambunath — Kathmandu!

The Spirit of Life International Project together with Jikdrel Wangchug Rinpoche and Lama Khyantse invites you to the unique opportunity to receive direct transmission of the Buddhist Teaching on Long Life and the basic practice of the secret Dzogchen lineage — the Great Perfection at the holy time of the Full Moon of the first month of the Tibetan New Year in the legendary Place of Power — Marathika Cave!

 Holder of the Family Lineage of Old Translations (Nyigma School) and Abbot of the monastery in the legendary Maratika (Place of attainment of Guru Rinpoche Immortality) — Jikdrel Choki Wangchug Rinpoche will be giving our group a series of teachings which include:

History of the Marathika Sacred Cave and the practice of Long Life;
Teaching and transmitting the cycle of Boddhisattva open and secret mantras;
Pre-practice or Nyondro on the secret form of the Great Perfection teaching — Dzogchen Yantig Nagpo;
Transmission of the Sutra of Long Life — Amitayusa Buddha
And some other Transmissions that Rinpoche himself will determine based on his Vision.

It is a Great Gift for our entire group to travel to the Legendary Marathika and receive teachings from such a respected Master of Tibetan Buddhism, whose Presence and Wisdom will help us to further understand, feel and experience these sacred places, and it is also a great opportunity for each participant to have Meditation and Teaching questions answered. Rinpoche, the holder of the short Secret Lineage of Dzogchen — Yantig Nagpo (dark retreats), will give teachings on practices that you can successfully integrate into your life to develop peace of mind, an open heart and other positive qualities for the benefit of all Living Beings!

Yantig Nagpo is a brief secret form of Dzogchen, previously only available to a few practitioners and belongs to the most esoteric section of Athi Yoga. This series of teachings includes the practices of the Hundred Peaceful and Wrathful Deities, focusing on working with the stages of Great Perfection, with some meaningful instructions for practice in total darkness (Dark Retreat).

This journey is for anyone who not only wants to see and visit the sacred sites of Nepal, but also to experience the inner depth, beauty and power of these places… Receive Live Transmission of the Precious Cycle of Teachings from Jikdrel Rinpoche … Participate in a true Mystery of realisation and gain methods and wisdom in the practical experience of meditation… To be filled with the energy of the sacred Himalayan Mountains, Nature and to perform Rituals of Thanksgiving to the Spirits of the area, to your Ancestors for the Benefit of all Living Beings…

And, most importantly, to lay the foundation of the right, conscious state, from which full of Strength with an open Heart in a clear Consciousness — to launch the Arrow of Intention in the right Direction to obtain the desired result in the Future!

Such a journey is a wonderful opportunity to give a gift to ourselves during the magical first month of the Tibetan New Year, which in the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition is very important and sacred for Lamas, monks and lay practitioners.

We will see and participate in ceremonies in which the prayers of Buddhist Lamas and monks are intended for the benefit of all Living Beings and are born of wisdom and compassion from the Heart. It is an opportunity for all of us to purify ourselves and find the right understanding of the Path of sincerity and purity. It is a chance to experience a real encounter with Infinite Wisdom and Awakened Natural Nature and, most importantly, a chance to awaken your own Spark of Life!

And rest assured, it will be useful and interesting for beginners and experienced Meditation practitioners alike!

The heart of our programme is the transmission of the Precious Cycle of Teachings in the Marathika Sacred Cave by Jikdrel Wangchug Rinpoche! And we will be smoothly preparing for this opportunity from the very first day of our stay in Nepal, accompanied and guided by the Trip Presenters — Evgeny Snezhkin and Lama Khyantse. Therefore, those who do not have a great experience in the practice or understanding of Tibetan Buddhism, Meditation and similar things, but sincerely wish to learn, feel and experience such an experience of learning on this trip will have this wonderful chance to meet real Teachings. 

During the trip we will visit sacred places of Nepal — Buddhnath and Swayambunath — the Buddhist stupas in Kathmandu, the sacred place for all Buddhists — Namo Buddha, Dulikhel — where we meet the sunrise overlooking the Himalayas, the legendary place — Marathika cave and the «non-touristy» Place of Power in its surroundings, the place of awakening and retreats Yogins and Lam Lam — Parping and other 🙂

We will contemplate in Sacral places where «tourists» do not come, we will see the Himalayan peaks up close, and of course among them will be the highest mountain in the world — Everest (Jomolungma). We will enjoy the natural scenery and culture of this wonderful country.

Путешествие в НепалWe would like to remind you that you will be accompanied along the route by an experienced traveller, guide to Places of Power and author of the tour — Eugene Snezhkin, as well as Master of Meditation and Tantric Rituals of Tibetan Buddhism — Lama Khyantse!


Eugene Snezhkin is an experienced organizer and facilitator of travels around the world (about 100 trips to places of power as an organizer and facilitator), a long-time practitioner of Spiritual Traditions and facilitator of seminars, trainings and courses on developing mindfulness and managing your attention. Travelling a lot around the world (including Nepal) and comprehending the Wisdom of different Traditions, Eugene Snezhkin will be happy to organize for you an unforgettable vacation with a cognitive and truly exclusive program, in which you will feel all the splendor and beauty of Nepal. Besides organization, escorting, interpreting and deep understanding and clarification of the country’s culture and Spiritual Traditions, Eugene will hold energy practices, Meditations and Rituals aimed at harmonization of life at all levels: everyday, social and existential. These are simple and effective methods, which you will be able to apply in your daily Life after returning home.

 Lama Khyantze comes from mountain Mustang (old Tibet) and has been a Master of Rituals for over 15 years leading Puja (ceremonies) in the main Sakya monastery in Lo Montang (capital of Mustang Kingdom). A very humble and yet profound man, Lama will be a true guide to understanding and practicing the basics of the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition for all who are interested. Also, Lama Khyantse has been in charge of the mysteries of the ancient Tibetan CAM dances for many years. On this journey we invite you to come into contact with the endless source of energy, vitality and Love that shines from the Heart of Lama Khyantse!

This is a special in-depth programme in which you will receive a Cycle of Teachings from Jikdrel Wangchug Rinpoche and also Lama Khyantse will be giving a course on «Fundamentals of Tibetan Meditation» at the sacred site of Marathika, where Guru Rinpoche became Vidyadhara of Long Life (gaining Immortality through the practice and passing of the Amrita vessel from Amitayus Buddha). It will help to experience the Places of Power more deeply which we will be visiting. We will go deep into meditation practice and receive Direct Transmissions on some important Tantric Mantras of Tibetan Buddhism, which you will be able to practice in your daily life after the journey. These will be mantras to transform negative qualities and darkening of the mind, to purify and reveal the true Nature of one’s perception, to practice Long Life and others. 

During these days at the sacred sites of Guru Rinpoche and other legendary Yogins and Yogins — Lama Khyantse will reveal to all a deeper understanding and practice of the basics of Tibetan Meditation such as Shine (Shamatha) and Lhagtong (Vipashyana) which will help each participant to actually develop the right Meditation state that will surely benefit you, your loved ones and possibly all living beings!

At the end of the programme we will visit Parping — another sacred place of Tibetan Buddhism where Lama will perform with us the final Meditation and Ritual for the benefit of all living beings, after which we will hang Lung Ta (Horse of the Wind) — Tibetan flags on which we will write the names of our loved ones, which is a Wish for them and all living beings! If you are interested in the real experience of Spiritual Transformation — don’t miss this opportunity!

And you can read reviews of our travellers here!

Basic programme of the tour:

 Day 1, February 25, 2023.
Kathmandu, arrival and accommodation. Sacred Stupa in Buddhnath. Evening talk, Meditation practice — opening of the space.

Arrival in Kathmandu. Check in to the comfortable Norbulinka Hotel 4*.

We will start our journey by going to the heart of Kathmandu — district Buddhnath, which is called the Mecca of Tibetan Buddhism nowadays. Here we will see the Great White Stupa, built according to one of the legends at the time of Guru Padmasabhava (8th century AD) by the Tibetan King Trisong Decen, as a present to the King of Nepal (Kathmandu Valley).

Thousands of oil lamps are lit here every evening and hundreds of monks and laymen walk around the stupa reciting the sacred mantra Om Mani Padme Hum.

Today we will begin our introduction to Tibetan Buddhism at such an iconic and sacred place and after Lama Khyantse’s instructions, we will walk around the stupa reciting the Mantra, purifying ourselves and awakening our wisdom and compassion.

We have dinner and then a short talk with the trip leaders Evgeny Snezhkin and Lama Khyantse about the rules of conduct in the hospitable country of Nepal, principles of meditation and the art of hearing space and comprehending the essence of the places of Power we are going to visit. We end with a short meditation to harmonize and set the intention for the journey!

Overnight at a hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 2, February 26, 2023,
Kathmandu — the ceremony «Awakening of the Power of the Kin and Opening of the Path» at the Shamanic Centre, Patan.

On this day we will visit the Shamanism and Tantra research centre. We will meet the shamans who have held and preserved the Tradition of Life in harmony with Nature for centuries. Shamans themselves say, that they only conduct between the world of Spirits and the world of people. They perform tambourine-type shamanic ritual, song and ritual actions with objects of the Power, thus returning health and confidence to the man, and opening to him the space of possibilities to realise his desires.

Shamans restore connection of a man with ancestors’ power, clan, with three worlds (Lower, Middle, Upper) and the source of Life. They can tell about your past and give guidance for the future, but most importantly, the shaman helps you to return to a state of harmonious Life.

The Ritual of awakening of the connection with the Power of the Kin and opening of the Path with Himalayan shamans awaits us. Personal counselling on health, wellbeing and relationships is available.On the way back from the Shaman Centre, we visit one of the old capitals of Kathmandu Valley, Patan (Lalitpur). Home to the Royal Palace, the Kumbeshwar Temple, a five-tiered pagoda dedicated to Shiva, King Ashoka’s stupas and many other attractions. Patan is the central place for the production of bronzeware and the famous Tibetan «singing bowls». Here at one of the renowned Master Craftsmen, we will have the opportunity to buy yourself or your acquaintances such a beautiful gift as a «singing bowl»! (The price of the bowl ranges from $50 to $300 depending on size and age).

Overnight at a 4* hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 3, 27 February 2023,
Transfer Kathmandu — Namo Buddha — Dulikhel. Ceremony at the sacred Buddhist site of Namo Buddha and visit to the monastery.

Early in the morning we will put our bags in the jeeps and drive to one of the most sacred, silent and powerful places in Kathmandu Valley, but also the whole of Nepal — Namo Buddha. This place is best known for being one of the three sons of the local King, Shakyamuni Buddha, who in his previous human birth offered his body to the hungry Tigress, to feed 5 little tigers, leaving them alive. It is believed that after that the Buddha was born in the World of Gods — Tushita and from there, with his Intention was reborn in the World of Men — in the town Lumbini, in the family of the King of Shakya, and by this Birth he finally completed his rebirths in Sansara, gaining full Awakening and going to Paranirvana!

Now Namo Buddha is a beautiful, quiet and deep place for contemplation practice on a beautiful hill with an interesting Kagyu Tibetan Buddhist Tradition monastery and a small temple where the Buddha offered his body to a tigress.

Here we will begin our immersion into the practice of Buddhist Meditation and Tradition. Khyantse Lama will conduct a small ceremony related to Shakyamuni Buddha and everybody will have an opportunity to feel deeply and experience the beauty and depth of this sacred place.

After Namo Buddha we will travel to one of the suburbs of Kathmandu, the town of Dulikkhel. Where we stay in a nice hotel with views of the Himalayan range, have dinner and spend the evening talking about Buddhism and understanding the basics of its worldview.

Overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 4, February 28, 2023,
Sunrise over the Himalayas. Transfer Dulikkhel — Marathika. Practices of purification and contemplation in Nature.

In the early morning we will meet the Sun rising from behind the Himalayan peaks. And after this sacred experience, a pre-breakfast and continuation of our journey in Nepal!

We will set off in the direction of one of Nepal’s most sacred Places of Power, the legendary Marathika Cave. Along the way we will enjoy the amazing scenery of non-touristy Nepal, cross gorges and valleys, stop and practice contemplation in beautiful Nature with views of the Himalayas!

Overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 5, March 1, 2023.
Marathika. Meeting with Jikdrel Wangchug Rinpoche — introducing and talking about legendary Maratika Cave and understanding of Long Life Practice. Beginning of the training course «Fundamentals of Tibetan Meditation» led by Lama Khyantse. 

Today you will visit a unique place — Maratika Cave or Khalesi as it is called by many Nepalese. Maratika is a place that has been considered sacred to many generations of people since ancient times. It is revered in the local shamanic tradition, it is believed that since time immemorial, shamans have performed rituals and united with the spirits of nature here and the place is actually unique in its geological structure… Also, this place is sacred to Shivaits and now you will meet Sadhus who venerate natural Lingam (Stalagmites) here, which you are bound to see and experience.

Gyalwa Karmapa visits the Maratika monastery 

      But the Cave is probably best known in the modern world for the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition. Here Guru Rinpoche received a transmission from Amitabha Buddha for Long Life (Immortality)… There are many other stories and legends associated with this place. Many lamas and yogis of Tibetan Buddhism have held their retreats here and in the vicinity, done practice and achieved realization.                                                                             

This is the Place of Rebirth… Here you will be able to experience the state of Transition into a new Space of Life full of possibilities!

Here in Maratika we will meet Jikdrel Wangchug Rinpoche, who as a Holder of Maratika will tell us about this legendary place, how to interact with the space and understanding of the practice of Long Life — Amitayus Buddha.

Then in the upper cave Lama Khyantse will hold a ceremony related to Guru Rinpoche and Buddha Amitayus (Buddha of Long Life), and in the lower cave he will start giving practice of «Tibetan Meditation Basics» to all participants of our journey with detailed explanations and transmission of the right state.

This will be a wonderful opportunity in a quiet, secluded atmosphere in a very powerful place to immerse deeply and gain an understanding of Concentration and Contemplation, according to the traditional transmission from the Lama of Tibetan Buddhism. Undoubtedly this experience will be useful for beginners or people with little experience of Meditation practice as well as for long-time practitioners of various methods of contemplation and inner comprehension.

Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 6, March 2, 2023,
Tenth Moon Day — Guru Rinpoche Day! Bodhisattva Mantra teachings from Jikdrel Wang Rinpoche. Continuation of the transmission of the «Fundamentals of Tibetan Meditation» by Lama Khyantse in Marathika. Evening continuation of the transmission and practice of Mantras.

On this very important Tenth Moon Day of the first month of the Tibetan New Year, when according to the Buddhist Teaching any merit from good deeds is multiplied, we will continue the practice of Meditation and passing on the Teachings from Jikdrel Wangchug Rinpoche in Maratik. Today Rinpoche will reveal insights and give transmissions on the basic mantras of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas for the Good of All Living Beings! 

Then we will go to the lower cave of Marathika, where we can see and feel the multiple signs of Guru Rinpoche’s Realisation. Here Lama Khyantse will give more in-depth and detailed instruction on Sheena (Shamatha) — the practice of unidirectional attention, concentration on an object, the 7 principles of body position and understanding how to integrate this knowledge and experience into Life.

      In the evening we will continue our training with Jikdrel Wangchug Rinpoche. And then we will gather our circle of interaction and fellowship on integrating the knowledge and practice of meditation and awareness into our daily lives. We will consolidate our Mantra practice, have dinner — sit around the fire and go to sleep:)

Overnight at a hotel.  

Day 7, March 3, 2023,
Continuation of Mystery Mantra Boddhisattva series. Practice in Manjushri cave. Evening meeting with Rinpoche.

In the morning we will continue receiving transmission of cycle of Secret Mantras of Boddhisattvas from Jikdrel Rinpoche. And in the afternoon we will go to Manjuri Cave. This is one of the most important and powerful places in the area. Here according to Tradition, Guru Rinpoche realized Sadhana of Manjushri — Boddhisattva of Wisdom.                                                                                                                                                                               

At this point Lama Khyantse will give the Lung (brief transmission) on the practice of Manjushri Mantra, opening the energy channels (Nadi) and clarifying the consciousness for the attainment of Wisdom and Compassion. At the end of the transmission we will continue the Meditation practice already interacting with the Mantra level ourselves. 

In the evening we will meet Rinpoche, where we will have an opportunity to ask questions and receive clarifications of the meditation practice.

Overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 8, March 4, 2023,
Presentation of the Nyondro Preliminary Practice of Dzogchen Teaching — The Great Perfection by Jikdrel Wangpoche! In-depth meditation practice under the guidance of Lama Khyentse in the secret cave of the Nagas.

After waking up and having breakfast, we will go to Jikdrel Rinpoche, who will be giving us the preliminary practices of the Secret Form of Dzogchen — the Teaching of Great Perfection from the Yantig Nagpo cycle! This is really a unique opportunity for each of our group members to receive the transmission — the entrance to the Lineage of Great Perfection, Dzogchen teachings in such a sacred place as Maratika and at such a sacred time from a real Master and Keeper of the Secret Knowledge…

Yantig Nagpo is a brief secret form of Dzogchen, previously only available to a few practitioners and belongs to the most esoteric section of Athi Yoga. This series of teachings includes the practices of the Hundred Peaceful and Wrathful Deities, focusing on working with the stages of Great Perfection, with some meaningful instructions for practice in total darkness (Dark Retreat).

We will then travel to an extraordinary place which is impressive both externally and internally and is a very important pilgrimage site for practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism.

It is the Cave of the Nagas, where, according to legend, demons and malicious spirits tried to hide the Buddha’s Teaching — in particular the Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra — from people underground. But the Sacred Nagas lifted the books containing the Buddha’s Teachings from the ground, thus bringing them back to the Human World. Now a unique geological outcropping of stone can be seen at this place, in the form of a very similar volume of the Buddha’s Teachings.

There is also a unique cave where we will go to practice special practices of inner contemplation and rebirth. It is the perfect place to transform fears and other negative qualities and to gain inner peace and self-confidence. 

Visiting the Nagas Cave we will visit a sacred mountain that is still revered by the local Rai people as a place of connection with Mahadev!

We have dinner and overnight stay at hotel. 

Day 9, 5 March 2023,
Completion of Nyondro transmission with Jikdrel Rinpoche. Practice in the Mandarava Cave.

In the morning after having breakfast we will go to Rinpoche for the completion of Nyondro transmissions. Here, it is important to say that the Nyondro itself in this Yantig Nagpo Transmission Lineage is already a complete Teaching, by consciously practising it one can realise the very essence of the Great Perfection Teaching. 

After lunch we will go to the cave of Guru Rinpoche’s consort (Padmasabhava — the Great Yogin of Uddiana who is the 2nd Buddha of Our Time and the founder of Tibetan Buddhism) — Mandarava!

This is a sacred place where We will hold an important Meditation practice in these amazing places and Lama Khyantse will conduct a sacred ceremony as part of the Buddhist Teaching for the benefit of all Living Beings! To be present at such ceremonies is a great opportunity for all the participants of the group to clear their Karma, receive merit and find the connection with Dharma — to find the Path to Freedom and Awakening!

In the evening we have dinner, chat by the fire and have a rest.
Overnight at a hotel.

Day 10, March 6, 2023,
Final part of the Teaching from Jikdrel Wanchug Rinpoche — transmission of the Sutra of Long Life. Rituals and in-depth practice of Meditation in sacred places.

Today Rinpoche will give the final part of the Teaching for our group — the Sutra of Long Life. Marathika is the ideal place to receive such a transmission. Here is a small excerpt from this Sutra:

«… Prostrate myself before all the Buddhas and bodhisattvas!
So I heard, once. Bhagavan was in Sravasti in the orchard at Jethavana Park, surrounded by 1,350 glorious, fully initiated monks and a great number of bodhisattvas and mahasattvas. At this time Shakyamuni Buddha preached to Young Manjushri.

«Manjushri, there is a pure land called the Immense Qualities (Yonten Padtu Medpa). There resides the Tathagata, the fully perfect Buddha, called the King of Limitless Life and Perfect Wisdom also called Amitayus, who teaches the Dharma to living beings and is the holder of the power of long life. Listen to Young Manjushri. The people of Jambudvipa have short lives and live only 100 years. Of them almost all die untimely. Manjushri, whoever records this sutra whose name is Immensely Long Life and Perfect Wisdom, which describes the superior qualities and praises the Buddha Amitayus or asks others to record this sutra, or listen to the recitation of Buddha names, or they will recite it, or keep it in their homes and make offerings with flowers, incense, etc. If they do this daily, then even before they die they will have the opportunity to live another 100 years. Majushri, if any living being hears the 108 names of Tathagata Amitayus by asking someone to recite this sutra, then their life will be prolonged. Anyone whose life is nearing an end, simply by remembering the 108 names of Amitayusa can prolong it. Manjushri, because of this, any noble son or daughter who desires a long life should listen to the 108 names of Tathagata Amitayus, write it down or ask someone to write it down or recite it. Magnificent qualities will be acquired through this, and as a result life expectancy will be increased.
(108 names of Amitayus Buddha)…»

Next, today’s day will largely focus on the realisation of each participant’s individual practice. It will be an opportunity to retreat to the sacred Places and be alone with this powerful and magical space to realise the understanding and transmissions of the previous days as well as their mystical experiences. 

The places we will visit today are specially designed for contemplative practice in solitude, in interaction with the natural elements. Lama Khyantse and Evgeny Snezhkin will help everyone to have the practice in the most beneficial and profound state.

In the evening we will continue our talks and practice near the sacred Fire!
Overnight at the hotel.

 Day 11, 7 March 2023,
Full Moon — Day of Shakyamuni Buddha! End of recitation of Secret Mantra with Lamas and Monks of Marathika. Festive ritual of offering Sanga — Juniper Tree and hanging sacred flags — Lung Ta for the Good of All Living Beings!  Final meeting with Rinpoche — clarification and instruction in practice. 

The final full day of our stay in the sacred land of Marathika will be a Gift and Celebration for the Good of All Living Beings! It is the Sacred Day of Shakyamuni Buddha — the Full Moon of the first month of the Tibetan New Year. The good merit of practice on such a day is multiplied by millions of times.

All these days in Maratika monastery there will be recitation of Secret Mantra, which we will receive from Rinpoche at the beginning of our visit to Maratika. This Mantra, is the brief essence of the Teaching in the Lineage of the Secret Dzogchen — Yantig Nagpo. And today will be the completion of the recitation of this Mantra by the Lamas and the young monks of the monastery in Maratika and the corresponding celebratory ceremony. To be present at such a ceremony on such a sacred day is great Luck or as they say in Buddhism — Good Karma which opens the Path of Dharma!At the end of the ceremony, together with the monks and lamas of the Marathika monastery under the guidance of Rinpoche, we will take part in the ritual of offering Sanga — juniper trees and hanging Lung Ta or Wind Horses, sacred prayer flags for the benefit of All Living Beings!

And in the evening we meet with Rinpoche for concluding instructions for the practice and blessing of the Good Path!

Overnight stay at a hotel.

Day 12 , 8th March 2023,
The Garuda Sacred Place. Transfer Marathika — Kathmandu. Nature contemplation practices. Evening festive dinner and talks in Kathmandu.

Early in the morning, after breakfast, we will go to another sacred place on the Garuda Mountain to perform the Ritual of Thanksgiving to the Spirits of these places!

Then we will start our return journey back to Kathmandu. A beautiful road awaits us, in the gorges of the mountains along the beautiful rivers and the enchanting nature. We will make stops for contemplation, lunch and just in beautiful places!

On the way to the magical place on the shore of a beautiful mountain river — surrounded by mountains and fabulous nature of the Himalayas Eugene Snezhkin will hold a small ritual-practice Harmonization of Elements, which will help you to feel the local beauty even deeper and give insight into how to further integrate the knowledge of primary elements in their lives.

We will return to Kathmandu in the early evening and check into our favourite hotel Yatrisuit 4*. After which we will go for a Celebration Dinner with Nepali national dances and original local cuisine! An evening of merry fellowship, celebration and good cheer awaits us!

Overnight at Yatrisuit hotel 4*.

Day 13, 9 March 2023,
Kathmandu — Parping: Guru Rinpoche’s Sacred Caves — Asura and Yanglesho. Meditation practice and Sang and Lung Ta ceremony with Lama Khyentse.

Today after a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast we set off to one of the most sacred places in Kathmandu valley — Parping!

Parping is the most important place of Buddhist pilgrimage, associated primarily with the name of the Lotus Guru Padmasabhava, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism, on whose teachings was built one of the four main traditions — Nyigma (the Old Tradition).  Parping is first and foremost associated with the famous caves blessed by Guru Rinpoche, the Asura Cave and the Yanglesho Cave. In the Asura Cave, Guru Padmasambhava attained the level of Vidyadhara Mahamudra (Tib. chakchen rigdzin; Wyl. phyag chen rig ‘dzin) through the practice of Vishuddha Heruka combined with the practice of Vajrakilaya, and subdued the demonic forces that were bringing trouble to Nepal.

Also, many Yogis practicing Tantric practices and the highest form of teaching, Dzogchen, have been practicing here. We will do meditation and at the end of the day we will hang ours on the mountain where there are thousands of prayer flags and give thanks with the offering of Sanga Juniperus for the benefit of All Living Beings. Thus we give thanks to this wonderful place, all Nepal, its kind and sincere people, places, mountains and all Powers that have accompanied us in this wonderful journey!After lunch we will return to the hotel and everyone will have free time to buy gifts and do their own thing! 

Overnight at the hotel.

Day 14 , 10th March 2023,
Visit Swayambhunath Stupa, Debriefing, Gifts and take off home!

This morning we will give thanks for the space of Nepal and the Kathmandu Valley at one of the most meaningful and sacred places, the Swayambhunath Stupa! 

Then we will have free time to walk around the Tamel or drive to some place in Kathmandu if you wish, buy some Gifts for yourself and your loved ones or just sit in a nice café:)

It’s a trip you will never forget! Such a trip is a real transformation and an opportunity to awaken the state of clarity, fullness and opening your own Path of Life. It’s a journey beyond the mundane, revealing the transcendent, the unfathomable and the magical!
We invite you to Travel Together — Awakening to the Spirit of Life!

The cost of the trip is 2000 USD.

The cost of the tour includes:

Accommodation in 4-3* hotels in 2-bed rooms with breakfast according to the programme;
Single occupancy supplement of 180 USD.
All transfers by comfortable minibus and jeep according to the program;
Russian-speaking Host and Buddhist Lama accompanying you during the whole trip;
Course on the «Fundamentals of Tibetan Meditation» and ceremony with Lama Khyantse;
Entrance fees during excursions, visits to temples and places of interest as per programme;
Arrangements for meetings with Tibetan lamas and shamans;
Practices, meditations and other bonuses.
*Due to exchange rate fluctuations the price of the tour may vary slightly.

Tour price does not include:

International flight to Kathmandu and back;
Nepal visa (25 $, at the border) — We assist in preparation of documents;
Kovid insurance;
Lunches and dinners ($15-$20 per day);
Personal expenses.

Registration and any questions: 
Host — Evgeny Snezhkin

Phone: +38 066 748-76-32, Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram

Or register below in the form!

Nepal — Tibetan Meditation and Dzogchen teaching series by Jikdrel Rinpoche in Marathika

25 Февраля 2023 года
2000 $ - 14 дней
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